Presale - Rising Martriarch

Presale - Rising Martriarch


What does it mean to be a woman in her power? To be a woman of courage, confidence, and authenticity? To be a Matriarch?


The dictionary definition of Matriarch is a ‘woman who is the head of a family or tribe,’ but it goes much deeper than that. It’s a fierceness; an incredible collective force. A need to nurture, protect and encourage a remembering of ancient wisdom and guidance.

The real and raw stories of truth and power that fill these pages are from a sisterhood of 24 amazing women who embrace their vulnerability, so that you may be inspired, uplifted, and motivated to ignite your own power.


Beware though! This book comes with a warning, as it is not for the faint-hearted. Many of the stories touch on sensitive subjects, which may invoke a powerful response. Will you find yourself in these pages?


    Rising Matriarch is coming soon! We are hoping that it will in the post to you ready for Mother's Day! BUT don't worry! You will be notified and kept in the loop with its progress and when it's shipped!

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